SteadyTemp Helpcenter


Who can use STEADYTEMP®?

STEADYTEMP® can be used both in the home and by healthcare professionals. SteadyTemp should only be used by persons over 5 years of age.


Does the patch emit radiation?

NO. Unlike other products on the market which use Bluetooth for their data transfer, the STEADYTEMP® patch does not emit any radiation. STEADYTEMP® uses NFC for the data transfer, not only is this quicker (less than 2 seconds, it also means that the user is not exposed to radiation.


Can I shower while wearing a patch?

Yes, showering is possible.


How often can I use the patch?

The patch is a single-use product. Once removed it should be disposed of in the battery recycling waste.


How long can I wear the patch?

The patch can be worn for up to 7 days, after which it should be removed.


How accurate is STEADYTEMP®?

The patch measures with an accuracy of less than 0.1°C degrees and is, therefore, more accurate than any analog or digital thermometer. One advantage is that the patch always sits in the same place. The app displays relative changes in axillary temperature with a maximum deviation of +/- 0.3°C.


How do I apply the patch?

It is best to apply the patch immediately after a shower when the skin is completely dry and you have not yet applied any deodorant or cream. You determine the correct position to stick the patch by putting one hand on your hip and placing the other hand under your arm to measure 3 fingers width under the armpit. The patch should be stuck here, on the side of the chest. Please note that the skin should not be stretched, so it is advisable to leave the hand on the hip during application.


App and Communication

With which smartphones does STEADYTEMP® work?

Basically, the smartphone must have NFC.

  • For Apple:

  • – from iPhone 7 all newer models can use NFC without restrictions. NFC is automatically enabled, so you don’t have to turn anything on or off. Note: iPhone 6s does have NFC, but this is only available for Apple Pay.

  • For Android, there are several options:

  • – Drag your status bar down and look for an NFC button there.

  • – Open Settings and go to “Connections” or “Device Connectivity” and look for a switch there to enable NFC

  • – Visit the manufacturer’s or a retailer’s website and look for the specifications for your device there


How do I know if my phone has NFC?

For Apple (iOS): In iPhone 7 and newer models the NFC function can be used by all apps. NFC is permanently activated.

For Android: For Android phones it depends on the manufacturer and on the smartphone model. To see if your smartphone has NFC:

  • – Check your settings.
  • – Search in “Connections”, “Device Connections” or “Further Connections” for NFC.
  • – Additionally, you can visit the website of your android phone manufacturer and search for your smartphone model


Can I wear the patch when I get a COVID-19 vaccination?

Yes, you can wear the patch when you get a vaccination. Vaccinations can cause immune system responses including fever.


My skin reacts allergically to plasters, can I use the STEADYTEMP® Patch?

The STEADYTEMP® Patch is made of special materials used in the medical treatment of wounds. In spite of this skin irritations can occasionally occur. Symptoms such as itching, burning, redness or slight skin swelling may occur. If you are unsure whether STEADYTEMP® is suitable for you, please consult your doctor or contact us via email at



Where can I buy STEADYTEMP®?

The patches are available from