STEADYTEMP – the new way to measure fever?

SteadyTemp der neue Thermometer

What’s new in the Digital Thermometer market?

At last, there is a new way of measuring body temperature and detecting fever. Continuous, real-time, non-invasive, body temperature monitoring is now available for everyone.

Technology which was once reserved only for hospital settings is now available for home use. The [STEADYTEMP smart wearable thermometer](STEADYTEMP® - so much more than just a digital thermometer) and the [free Health Journal app](Download you app here) enable continuous 24/7 temperature measurement so you can track temperature and symptoms in one app.

Having a fever means you are fighting an infection

One of the first things you do when a family member is sick is to reach for a thermometer. That is because we all know that temperature measurement is one of the first methods of diagnosing an illness. It is a simple and effective way of confirming an infection. And yet despite all the developments in technology and medicine, temperature measurement has basically remained the same – until now.


STEADYTEMP enables continuous 24/7 body temperature measurement. Traditional digital thermometers give single measurements, taken sporadically and inaccurately, with STEADYTEMP you have temperature measurements taken at 5-minute intervals for up to 7 days. The temperature curves and trends possible with continuous measurement mean that night-time spikes and dips are never missed, and infections can be treated faster.

Professional healthcare for at home

Most households now have a digital thermometer or an infra-red forehead or ear thermometer because until recently that was the best technology available for the private market. Continuous, accurate temperature measurement was reserved for hospitals and clinics – often in the intensive care units. Well, the good news is that the most up to date sensor technology is now finally available for home use too.

STEADYTEMP is a smart wearable thermometer and a free Health Journal. While the sensor patch measures body temperature continuously the app can be used as a symptom tracker and personal health diary.

STEADYTEMP can be used just as a continuous measurement digital thermometer, measuring, and recording body temperature from the same place 24/7. Recorded temperature values are transferred to an app on your phone where they are displayed graphically, and you can see temperature curves and trends at a glance.For the full professional health care at home experience, you can use the free Health Journal app to create a detailed patient file and track temperature, symptoms, treatment, and recovery.

SteadyTemp der neue Thermometer

How it works

Create a detailed User Profile including relevant personal medical information such as allergies, blood group or chronic illness - just like a doctor would do in a hospital setting. Monitor an infection, adding symptoms, photos (rashes etc), medicine or treatment. You can even set reminders, so you don’t forget medicines or appointments. The recorded temperature curve is displayed graphically in the app so that you can track the temperature, treatment, and recovery. STEADYTEMP is your personal patient file and all the information that you have recorded can be exported and shared with a medical professional if necessary.

Why is STEADYTEMP better than a normal digital thermometer?

Simple. With STEADYTEMP you have continuous temperature measurement rather than single momentary readings. Continuous temperature measurement gives you temperature curves, trends, and fever patterns. While a regular thermometer tells you what your temperature is right at this minute STEADYTEMP can show you your current temperature but also your temperature from the whole time you were wearing the patch, fever spikes during the night while you slept are visible as well as temperature trends. If a single temperature measurement shows you a picture of your health, continuous measurement shows you a film.

But STEADYTEMP offers even more than continuous temperature measurement. with the STEADYTEMP Health Journal app you have your own personal patient file. You can track temperature and symptoms, add medicine, and monitor all aspects of the treatment of an infection. Create a detailed user profile including all important medical details related to a user as well as the infection. If you need to consult a medical professional, you have all the details recorded in one place and in a timeline. Important details don’t get missed or forgotten. This can result in quicker treatment and a faster recovery.