Smart Wearable Thermometer

Smartphone with STEADYTEMP® app open shows a temperature curve

24h Fever-

Discreet & comfortable



24h Fever-Monitoring
Discreet & comfortable
Medically tested
Radiation free


"Single measurement is like seeing a photo, continuous measurement is like watching a video."
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STEADYTEMP® – Your personal Health Journal

– For You and Your Loved Ones

– For You and Your Loved Ones

Temperature measurement even while you sleep

No need to wake a sleeping child to take it’s temperature, STEADYTEMP® can be read without waking you patient.

A blond girl laying on a blue pillow in her bed wearing the STEADYTEMP® patch

Reassurance for elderly family members

Older people can monitor their temperature without the responsibility of tracking and charting - you can read the results together.

Two charming elderly women looking at a smartphone.

Practical for everyday use

You can track your temperature when you are sick, after an operation or as an early warning system if you know there is an infection going around.

Boy with glasses showing a smartphone with the STEADYTEMP® app open and the STEADYTEMP® patch

Easy to Use

Easy to Use


Download the app
Download the free app, create a user profile and the app will instruct you how to apply the patch.


Apply the patch
The patch will need 10 minutes to adjust to your body temperature, after that you can check your temperature at any time by scanning the patch with NFC.


Read temperature graph
The app shows your current body temperature as well as a graphical display of recorded temperature curves and trends.

Revolutionizing Home Care

"I think this product would be very useful when treating sick children. From my own personal experience, I know that caring for a child with fever can be exhausting, especially if you have to constantly reach for the fever thermometer. Using the patch is much more convenient."

Product tester

"Effortless measurement for the duration of the test. No skin irritation and the patch stayed on despite a lot of movement, sweating, showering etc"

Product tester

ATTENTION: STEADYTEMP in no way replaces a visit to the doctor. It is intended as a diagnostic and temperature tracking tool.

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Free App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC
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