STEADYTEMP® for professional health care environments

STEADYTEMP® Professional

An image of the Roche cobas pulse hand held device showing a temperature curve and 2 STEADYTEMP® sensor patches.
Benefits with STEADYTEMP®.

System Integrations

STEADYTEMP® can be used on the Roche cobas® pulse system and soon also on Ilvi smart health solutions. STEADYTEMP® can also be integrated into other existing health care systems. In addition to the benefits it offers in post-surgery or post chemotherapy follow-up care, the STEADYTEMP® sensor patch enables medical professionals to accurately detect temperature changes within seconds.

Diagnostic Tool

Identify fever patterns and diagnose disease

Detect Infection Faster

Fever curves, trends and averages give more information than single readings

Post-Operative Recovery Monitoring

Fever peaks and trends are not missed meaning faster reaction time to infections

Cost Efficiency

Quicker and more accurate temperature measurement saves time and money

A young doctor is walking through a hospital. She is looking at the ilviCLINIC device in her hand. STEADYTEMP® can be used on this device.

Revolutionizing Point of Care Temperature Measurement

Benefits for patients

  • Faster and better treatment
  • Patient confidence – the patch is reliable and accurate
  • The patch can be read without disturbing/waking the patient
  • After care treatment simplified – data easily shared from home

Benefits for medical professionals

  • Scanning the patch only takes seconds
  • Curves, trends and averages instead of single, momentary readings
  • Distinguish between bacterial and viral infections more easily
  • Automation of daily manual tasks

Benefits for healthcare facilities

  • Reduced workload for nursing staff – speed and efficiency
  • Timely detection enables prompt decisions and efficient treatment
  • Temperature readings from the same position reduces errors
  • Secure data transfer to systems and devices i.e. cobas® pulse

What doctors say

Free App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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