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STEADYTEMP® is available for use on the Roche cobas® pulse system. In addition to the benefits it offers in the health care sector and in post-surgery or post chemotherapy follow-up care, STEADYTEMP® is also a valuable tool in the early detection of infection. One of the body’s first immune system responses to infection is a rise in temperature, the continuous temperature measurement possible with the STEADYTEMP® sensor patch enables medical professionals to accurately detect temperature changes within seconds.


STEADYTEMP® explained

STEADYTEMP® has revolutionized the centuries-old method of body temperature measuring. Current methods are time-consuming, inaccurate, and do not reflect the normal temperature fluctuations which occur over the course of the day. STEADYTEMP® provides continuous, non-invasive, and accurate measuring at regular 5-minute intervals that provide a graphical display of temperature development.

Sporadic fever measurement is yesterday’s news

Early detection of fever

...means better patient care.
STEADYTEMP® is a certified Class I medical device which provides a quick, easy and effective way of accurately measuring temperature.

Smart temperature tracking

The smart temperature monitoring system, in the form of a dermatologically tested sensor patch and a supporting app, measures body temperature continuously and to an accuracy of within 0.1°C.

Immediate results

Temperature data recorded on the RFID chip inside the patch is transferred via NFC to a phone or another NFC enabled device. Unlike Bluetooth NFC is passive and there is no exposure to radiation.

Cost-effective solution with numerous advantages

Free App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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